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Holland Toys - We are a company that is importing
toys from Holland to Georgia since 1998.

We started importing toys and other products with our own car
and were delivering and advising a few toy shops in Georgia.
Later on we started importing toys and other products by containers.

Since the last few years our sales increased seriously, and right now we deliver our products to a range of clients/shops in the cities of Gori, Telavi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi,Marneuli,Tkibuli, Axalcikhe & Bakuriani.
The main service of our company is wholesale retail of toys, souvenirs and house decorations.

Our strength is found in : Customer-oriented product offering, European decent quality and low prices and a constantly updated assortment (we sell more than 2000 different products !). That explains our present place in the Georgian consumer market. Currently in more than 150 shopping centers of Georgia our products are on sale.